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Thursday, September 08, 2011

Luncheon Meat - Part 2

[afternote : since i have not bought a can of luncheon meat for a while, i decided to check out the prices today @ my local Albert Heijn supermarket. Most expensive i found was 1.50euros and cheapest 0.89 euros. hmmm, think prices have also increased...;( ].

Read in the news that the price of a can of luncheon meat reached HKD20 a can recently.
That's about 1.80 euros @ today's conversion rate.

A fren of mine commented that a can of Mei Ling luncheon meat in singapore which used to cost S$1.30 a can a few years ago now costs S$2.50 which is about 1.50euros @ today's conversion rate.

Now, i can get a can of luncheon meat/spam for 1 euro (+/-) depending on which brand i opt for.

So, for all those who think that europe's cost of living is high, i think this is evidence that that MAY be a myth!

in fact, as we lived here, and learnt how to manage our costs (e.g. buying household goods only when they are on sale), i had that "feeling" that singapore can be a more expensive place to live than here in eindhoven, netherlands, though i couldn't really confirm it. plus here, we limit our eating out and i think the locals do like wise. we usually like to gather at home ......and have potluck etc. in fact, when we do eat out with frens, it's usually with fellow singaporeans ....heehee... guess we singaporeans are used to the idea of eating out ;p

in addition, prices for branded goods are generally cheaper here than asia. and cars and housing are so much cheaper compared to singapore/hong kong!! ...... not sure if we will be really better off in asia u know what i mean.

Whatever it is, we will know when we go back :)

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