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Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Luncheon Meat Buns

Yesterday (Tuesday)was raining cats and dogs. And the weather forecast for wednesday was rain as well.

And because kaira has no school today (Wed), i was thinking what we can do together the ENTIRE day (besides the usual activities of eating, watching cartoon and so forth). And so i had it in my mind to make bread - the water roux method - and make baked luncheon meat buns (which i miss terribly ;p) ! that should keep us occupied for a while i believe.

did i mention before that the weather forecast here is terribly inaccurate??? geee, it didn't rain at all the morning and afternoon.....but whatever..... instead of heading out, we stayed at home and made our bread.

she loves playing with dough (the REAL dough ;p) and helps me in her own ways -- pouring the ingredients in or kneading..... so we spent most of the morning making the dough, proofing the bread and so forth.... to satisfy my gal i had to make 馒头 as well ... so there was quite alot of dough kneading and i do it all by u can imagine how tired my right hand was. for a change, i let her use my moulds to make heart-shaped, flower-shaped 馒头 .... make it more fun for her :)

i've made bread in the past but they are usually quite dense and i have read about the water roux method (汤种) that yieds soft fluffy bread , so i am keen to try it! been putting it off for the longest time and finally, today, decided not to be lazy ;) my first time working with the water roux (汤种) method and i must say the bun came out quite soft and fluffy :) and i used didn't follow the recipe fully ;p (as usual....heehee, that's why sometimes things turn out quite disastrous. ha!) so i used a combination of wholewheat + plain flour.... not bread flour as called for by the recipe. and i had so much trouble with the kneading cos it was so wet and sticky that i added more wholewheat flour than stated to make it more pliable.... i didn't wait for the water roux to cool as called for in the recipe ..... u get the drift..... i really am not such a great student sometimes ;p

BUT good thing that the final product turned out quite fine (i think!). the bread was quite soft and although not as fluffy as others i have seen on the internet, it's acceptable by my standards!! hehehe. ;p so yeah, this water roux method is really quite fail-proof :) i even steamed one just to see how it will turn out and it was indeed a fluffy and soft 馒头 (compared to those that i normally make). i should use this method more often..... only thing is i must master the mixing....

although, my impatience showed through -- see how oversized my buns are???? can't even see the luncheon meat. it's supposed to stick out at the ends ..... hahaha...i couldn't be bothered to make dainty ones cos i was quite tired by the time i was assembling the bun ;p i think i should have been more diligent !! wellz, always another time :)
when they were ready, i can't wait to eat one!! reminds me of those days in hong kong, when in the morning (as we set off to work), we will buy a bun each from the baker near our block of flats. and 餐蛋包 was one that i ate quite frequently ;p yes, unhealthy. but i love it!

and talking about luncheon meat........... i've something else to say...... shall leave it to my next post :)

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