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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Going on 4.

In about 2 months time, little kaira will be 4. Cliche as it may sounds, how time flies. How is she as a soon-to-be 4 year old? lazy mum hasn't been writing much about her ;p

I thank God for a bubbly and cheerful gal who is quite sociable (in my opinion lah!) and who loves to be tickled.  However, she has her moments -- when frustration and negative emotions overwhelm her ..... this is when she will SCREAM and i mean SCREAM! sharp, shrill and piercing.  if my hearing deteriorates faster than an average person, i know the reason ;).  Besides screaming, she may pout and show her angry face and throw stuff around.

when i see her, i feel both a sense of gratitude and guilt.  grateful because she's so cheery and social, i am quite sure she didn't take after me. Thank God!

Guilt because the way she expresses her negative emotions obviously was modelled after me :( i don't scream, but i do shout at her when i am upset at her.  and yes, sometimes i am so angry i throw stuff ;p when i see her doing the "ME" actions, i get a wake up call.  that's not what i want her to be!! and so, i try. i try to be a better mum. i am learning from her and through her.  managing my emotions and helping her cope with hers as well.

today, we have come some way to right the wrong.  i tell her, when she's upset or angry or over something, tell me and i will hug her.  Hug her till she feels better. and she can hug me as hard as she wants to express her frustration and usually we end up in giggles.  she still screams at times.  she still cries at times.  but if i manage to catch the moment, the hug therapy works, for me and for her.

O, how i love her hugs.

I want to thank God for an active and athletic gal as well! guess the playgrounds of the netherlands have trained her well. after summer she has started unaccompanied swimming classes and she's enjoying it.  here, kids under 4 attend swimming classes accompanied by an adult and i am glad the teacher saw that she was ready to progress to the next class even though she's a few months away from 4 :)

I believe her current ambition is to be a teacher.  When she's home, she's always pretend-playing that she's the teacher and she will gather her friends to be the students in the class. she imitates all the actions of the teachers -- from attendance taking to supervising the snack time to leading the class in song.  Even her teacher tells me that she can be a teacher in future ;p hahaha, hope NOT.

She still doesn't like Thomas the Train the cartoon very much.  i am not sure why.  whenever it's on, she usually switches the TV off.  she may watch it occasionally but it's definitely not her favorite cartoon. she loves 巧虎  a chinese cartoon which is great in teaching her chinese :) and she's into fairies and princesses. 

When i am tired and lie on the sofa for a short rest while she's playing, she will come over and put the blanket over me and give me a kiss -- just like how i put her to sleep.  very sweet.  she will sometimes stroke my face before kissing me, what a darling.

a darling can be a "monster" sometimes and she's one stubborn monster especially when she doesn't get her way.  oooooo, how we have to harden our heart when we say "no" and endure her whining and crying. i always say i am a "hard-hearted" mum -- i will not give in to her crying and whining BUT as she grows older, i have to admit that it has become harder.  because she is more articulate now and she's developing emotionally, i wonder how long i should maintain my "hard-heartedness".  Praying for God's wisdom and guidance.

My constant prayer for my little princess Kaira is this - that she will grow up loving God and having the knowledge that she's deeply loved by God and her parents and experiencing the security that comes with it.  That she will always walk hand in hand with God in His shadow.  That she knows that God is her Helper and that she can call upon God for help.  Hallelujah Praise the Lord.

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