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Monday, September 12, 2011

Flower Parade @ Valkenswaard (Bloemencorso Valkenswaard)

This annual parade takes place on the second Sunday of September and a total of 14 floats made entirely of fresh flower (dahlia) went on display.

According to a local we met, she explained that the flowers are picked on Thursday and on Friday and Saturday they are pinned, with a nail/needle, individually by hand onto the float structure. 14 villages/neighbourhoods are represented by the 14 floats and the residents of the village/neighbourhood work together to build the floats. The floats are manouvred manually !

It was a last minute decision to go view the parade and we were glad we went. the floats were beautiful!!!

1 comment:

gideon said...

i will also remember this as my first fellowship in the Netherlands :)