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Monday, September 26, 2011

Eventful Weekend!

Not just eventful.  But also a weekend of summery weather! how blessed!

just when i was going to keep our summer clothes and bring out the winter wear, the weather turned warm this week.... wonder how long this will last?!?1 hopefully it stays this way for the coming week as we are heading off for a short getaway :)

back to the weekend.  Saturday, brought kaira to Jenny's babyshower cum farewell party and it was a lovely afternoon spent with the ladies from Int'l Baptist Church (Eindhoven).  Thank God for bringing these ladies into my life -- encouraging me in my walk with the Lord and also extending their friendship and fellowship.

On Sunday, we headed to Rotterdam for the National Day Luncheon 2011 hosted by the Singapore Embassy for the Benelux Region.  I look forward to the national day event annually as it's a time to make new friends and meet up with "old" friends (whom i got to know when we first came).  since we are located all over the netherlands, we don't meet up that often and this event is a perfect time to catch up with everyone!!  This year's lunch seem to be more crowded than the previous ones...... :))

 it was really a weekend of catching up and more catching up !

Great weekend indeed.

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