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Monday, September 19, 2011

@ The Dutch National Circus -- Herman Renz

The Dutch National Circus, Herman Renz is in eindhoven now.  As my neighbour was also interested in bringing her kids, we decided to organise an outing today for the kids :)

I've never been to a circus -- so i am naturally a lil' excited too at the thought of going to one!

At the entrance to the circus
it was a 2.5 hour performance and i must say that i was a little disappointed ;p  cos the ticket was not cheap and maybe i had higher expectations.... but it turned out that several of the performances were similar to the entertainment shows that we have seen on board the cruise holidays that we have been (maybe the circus performance was of a higher standard but.... hmmmm, i cannot really say for sure).  the key difference was that @ Herman Renz, there were performances by animals such as horses, seals and lions. i was also disappointed that we don't get to see the clowns more!

Nevertheless i was glad that Kaira enjoyed the afternoon, but i think she was more thrilled running after Logan (our neighbour, a 2 year old boy) and by the following :
dancing to the music with the glow light
enjoying her popcorn

for some reason, i don't have a shot of the 2 kids together!! ;p

a fun-filled afternoon for her i suppose :)

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