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Saturday, August 06, 2011

We Went BlueBerry Picking!

Berry picking in netherlands is something that i've wanted to experience but never got to doing it till this summer.

We set out quite early this morning (10+am) to a blueberry farm (Van Grotel Blauwe Bessencultuur) nearby our place

When we left home, the weather was quite cool abt 17 degrees i think so it's really perfect for such an activity. after a while, started to feel a lil' warm. think it wouldn't be that enjoyable if it was too hot ;p
kaira really enjoyed herself and was focused on picking the big berries :)

we picked abt 350g of blueberries after about 45 minutes. the cost? 1+euro only!!! we must return to pick more blueberries :)) they had other blueberry products as well -- jam, beer, sorbet, juice etc. Bought a bottle of blueberry juice to try.

Next, i hope we will have the chance to do some strawberry picking. hope the weather the next 2 weeks will be good!! I love this kind of summer activities. Will definitely miss them when we go back to Singapore.

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