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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Self Praise....

Yup, shameless me. Going to praise myself today .... LOLOL.

Yesterday, i made 糯米饭, my first attempt. And i have to say it -- i think it tastes quite good!!! kekeke. in fact, if i find a lotus leaf and wrap it up, i think i can easily pass it off as something i bought from a restaurant .... *tsk tsk* where's my modesty????

Ok, enough of self praise. i kind of need it. cos i am kicking myself for closing off my 3 trades in a breakeven position when it should have been positive!! *pissssed* sometimes i need handcuffs. i must remind myself that no position is also a position. and so this week, i have decided to abstain from trading. and lo and behold, all my paper trades are POSITIVE. geeee, if they were real trades, i'd be quite rich now. *pissed again* i am going to wait till after friday after Banana speaks and see how the market goes next week before doing anything.

ok, back to the 糯米饭 or 荷叶饭 or whatever name it goes by.....

actually, i don't really like 糯米饭 -- one can tell from the way it looks that it's fattening and high in calories ;p

but u know lah, being away from home can change one's perspective..... i eat and cook things that i'd most probably avoid if i am in SG. plus hubbie likes to eat such stuff ;p so there, "virtuous" wife here sacrifices her waistline by cooking such calorie-laden foods!!! ;-)

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