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Friday, August 05, 2011

my boundaries limit her......

something that i am becoming more aware these days (it probably started when kaira was 1 year old, there abouts, i cannot remember exactly when) is my reaction to stuff around and how they have such great influence on kaira.

take for example the other day in the garden. while clearing the weeds i saw a big fat squiggly (slimy and wriggly....heeeeheee) earthworm. eeeeeks. i absolutely dislike anything slimy and wriggly and let out a "scream". ;p kaira's immediately reaction "eeee, i don't like this worm" and she showed me her "scared" expression ;p she's never seen an earthworm close up and my reaction has tinted her world.

i tried to salvage the situation lah .... since i was wearing gloves, i was "brave" enough to touch it and tried to show her more of the worm.... i think there was some damage control.... but not fully ;p

this is a small thing really. anyways, at her age, what "big things" are there? it's the small things that counts. but it was a REMINDER to me.

That i should not limit her perceptions/abilities by my own boundaries and lack of knowledge.

of course, as parents we have the advantage of experience and we should put that to best use -- in general terms that is. i'd like to remind myself that "one man's meat is another man's poison". i can share all my experience and knowledge with my daughter, but i need to remind myself that as she grows, she's likely to see things from a perspective different from mine. and i am writing this now so that i can remind myself in future.......... cos i don't want to be disconnected from her world simply because i hang on so tightly to mine.

don't know how on earth an earthworm can cause me to have the above thoughts! ;p haha, but i think it's easier now to set my thinking clear and know where i stand when she's still young then when she's a young woman trying to establish her identity ;p

well, i shall stop here and revert my attention to the markets. a sea of RED. 5 Aug 2011, is that a turning point for markets?

1 comment:

gideon said...

this reminded me of how i imitated my mother in my preference for food. both of us don't like pig intestine and we don't eat much red meat. but one of the few things that backfire was when the more she screamed at a furry animal, the more i liked it hahaa, so much so for nature vs nurture