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Monday, August 22, 2011

Madame Butterfly

We were at Roermond Shopping Outlet on Saturday and there was free face painting activity for the kids. her last experience with face painting -- she was very apprehensive and had only a small heart painted on her cheek. On Saturday, she boldly declared that she wants a butterfly painted this time and was eagerly looking forward to her turn. She was super cooperative during the few minutes :)

she chose the colors herself and the entire conversation between Kaira and her face painting artiste was in dutch.... don't ask me what they said ;p

she was really thrilled to see herself all "made up". and i found it funny that initially she didn't want to close her mouth .... then i realised it's her first experience with "lipstick"!! LOL.

When we got home and had to wash off the beautiful butterfly..... she cried buckets. insisted that i bring her very soon for another face painting session! ;p

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