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Saturday, August 06, 2011

Kermis - Park Hilaria

The kermis is here once again and since the weather is dry today, we decided to head there this evening.

guess it's more fun for her, than it is for us.... since i don't really fancy those rides and i think neither does hubbie.

the highlight of the day for her was the cotton candy. her first experience with it. (i haven't had it in a long while.....and boy was it sweeeeeeet!)

she's never tasted it before but she was VERY CONFIDENT that it's gonna be tasty and was super excited by it.
she tried some new rides this year and she was initially very excited about this car ride:
then, when it started, it went up a slope and i think she got a bit of a surprised and was quite apprehensive. can see from her face ;p but after a while, she was ok. although before the ride ended, she was shouting to us, wanting us to stop the car ;p LOL.

the pony ride, she liked very much as she has done it before:

can u see her "crying face"?? she initially got on the car very excitedly but when she started steering it, i think she couldn't control it very well and ended up knocking into the railings. she wailed. not sure if she's scared, worried or what. heehee. so after that, papa had to get on the car and helped her manoeuvre it.
here are some other shots at the kermis :

guess we will visit it again if there's good weather..... since there's nothing much to do in the evening here anyway ;p

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