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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

trepidation ........

A fren of mine asked me why we intend to go back to singapore?

Hmmm, but Why Not? i've never thought of NOT returning home. When we left in Jan 2004, we knew we are going for an "adventure". that time, we were younger and honestly, i didn't really think how long we will be away or whether we will return to sg or not. But the longer we spend our time overseas, and with the arrival of our daughter, we know where we stand.

Netherlands is not a permanent home to us and in a way, it never will. So, it's natural for us to look to go back :) Having said that, we are also acutely aware that there's always that chance that hubbie will be posted overseas again. We will cross that bridge when it comes.

However, it doesn't mean that it's without trepidation, as we look forward to the return.

There are many issues. Indeed, MANY. here are but a few.........

(1) We are dealing with a Selfish brat here
i've been away from "home" for 8 years -- i've gotten used to adventures and living without my extended family (parents, in-laws, relatives etc); the freedom to do whatever i want, whenever i want. but once we return to singapore ......... we will need to get use to a different rhythm. ;p i am a selfish brat. i know.

(2) education
the perennial worry of any (singaporean) parent - isn't it? i hope i keep my sanity!

so now, which primary school to enrol? neighbourhood will do? or those with sec school affiliation? and should i buy an apt for that purpose?? What enrichment classes should i send my daughter to when we return to sg?? abacus, chinese, art, music???? hahaha, and i was hoping to keep my sanity??? ;p

no lah, i am kidding. i am fighting to keep my sanity. :)

(3) housing
the thought of being saddled with a housing loan isn't a good thought at all! i remember those days when we had a housing loan. it sucked.

when we sold our apt in 2008, we had intended to purchase another. and preferably without a loan. but with runaway prices and low interest, i think it's very likely that we'll take a loan. *bleah*

must we really own a property when we go back? can't we just rent forever? that concept somehow goes against the grain of asian thinking ;p

actually, i am getting a lil' "depressed" as i write this blog entry ..... do i really want to go back to SG?? HAHAHA. so i shall stop. and think about happier thoughts :) the good things abt going back to sg.

but honestly, i sometimes wonder if we are caught between the rock and a hard place?


Phang said...

Serene, take it one step at a time la.

Property prices are crazy for now but when u return, it may slide? :P
As for pri schools easy way out is via alumni save ur sanity.

Positive side- good and cheap food anytime and everywhere! Help from friends and relatives anytime.

Ok hope u feel better ;P

jiaen silvia said...

Hi Serene, came across this post and can't help but comment haha. Also bit trepidated (jobs, family planning, mental reminders to myself to not be sucked into the rat race) and we're going back in 2.5 weeks' time!! But so far things are turning out very smoothly with paperwork etc, even found a spacious flat in Pasir Ris (we wanted to be further away from the city) to move in to as soon as we touch down, rented out by a friend. Keep your move in prayers, and He will guide you every step of the way (albeit sometimes it takes a while, 'cos it's all in His time :)).

Ms Long said...

Silvia, glad that things are falling in place for your move back and that all's well and mooth :) u take care ya and catch up when we are back in sg!

Ms Long said...

@Phang, can't quite figure out who you are! ;p hehe.