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Monday, August 01, 2011

Czech Cusine

Before i visited Prague, i was wondering what czech food may be like ........ i had no idea what to expect and it turned out to be a pleasant surprise, although it's abit meaty, too meaty ;p (even for my standards!)

If you are in Prague, may i suggest that you try their
(1) honey tart -- this is a really good and wholesome tasting dessert. not too sweet and with a crunch. it's my first time tasting it and i am motivated to search for its recipe!! ;) i've not tasted it anywhere else, so i figured i have to make it myself if i want to eat it :) it's the light brown one in the picture below.
(2) duck -- so far, in my travels, duck hardly features on the menu (except france i think) and so i had to try their roast duck which is supposed to be a local speciality. It was nice. But i think asian-style duck (peking duck, roast duck) beats it hands-down!!
(3) soured red cabbage -- as seen in the picture above and below. (hidden by the duck). the sourish taste is really good to balance out the amount of meat in the meal. again, i've found a recipe for the cabbage, will try it out soon! love it!

(4) Yeast dumpling -- i am not sure if it's readily available everywhere but we tried it at one of the restaurant near our hotel and loved it. it's served warm with cottage cheese and the filling is a kind of sweet jam. the dumpling is abit like the chinese "bao". initially, i was abit put off by its description -- but we decided to be adventurous and order it anyway cos we wanted to try the local speciality and we were rewarded with a yummilicious dessert! not sure if i can make this at home with success though...... will have to research it more.

So there!! 4 things you must try when u are in prague/czec republic. Bon Appetit!

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