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Thursday, July 28, 2011

so much more i want to see.....

Someone once said to me that she has seen most of europe and that there's nothing much more that she desires to see.... (@_@) if she's a old lady who has lived here years and years, maybe i will receive this statement more kindly.

is this arrogance or ignorance i wonder .......

i knew when we moved here that we can only focus our travelling efforts to cover a few countries (or rather regions) more thoroughly...... and even though i know that, i sometimes still feel a tinge of "regret" that we are going to leave europe without exploring :
spain (other than barcelona)
etc etc

On top of that -- there's so much more in Germany, France and Netherlands that we've not had the chance to explore....

I know i am being "greedy". Am already very blessed to be living here for the past 3+years and have the opportunity to travel and explore europe. it's a dream come true honestly.

i remember about 10 years ago, we planned to visit europe. It would have been my FIRST trip to europe (although hubbie has backpacked in europe before) and our first trip to europe together. We have paid for our air tickets and booked the accomodation and if i remember correctly, one week (or maybe less) to our departure, my father-in-law had a massive heart attack. Of course, our travel plans had to be cancelled.

I wondered then when will i be able to see europe???

in fact, it was only in 2006 that i made my first trip to europe -- to Italy. i was 34.

Never did i imagine that i will have the chance to live and breathe Europe. Thankful that the Lord has given us this opportunity. i do not know what tomorrow holds, but i know He holds the future. And truly, there is a time for everything, for every purpose under heaven.

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