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Monday, July 25, 2011

Scenic Drive During our Summer Vacation

one of the reasons we both like roadtrips is the beautiful scenery as we get from point to point. when we take the country roads rather than the expressways, it is always full of surprises.

And this trip, we were really rewarded by the beautiful scenery of the Bavarian landscape in Germany and as we cross the border to Austria and as we explore the Salzkammergut region in Austria. It was nature at its best.

We were also pleasantly surprised when we crossed into Czech Reupublic as we made our way to prague as we spotted the sunflower fields!! endless fields of sunflowers i've always wanted to go Provence to see the famed sunflower and lavender fields .... and i am glad i didn't need to wait till then :) cos i am not sure when i will get to go!

Alpine homes, lakes, alps, rolling green fields -- they combine to present one beautiful landscape that etches so deep in my memory!

1 comment:

gideon said...

i saw lots of sunflowers while i was travelling from florence, italy to nice, france. They were absolutely beautiful! :D