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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pastry, Pastry and More Pastries

Cakes and pastries are a well-known feature of Austrian cuisine -- and it suits us great!! ;) nice to be having morning tea, afternoon tea and evening tea ;p on top of the 3 meals!!

That's one reason why i am feeling fat. seriously need a diet. :(

this is Hotel Sacher (we went to the one in Salzburg) where they serve the ORIGINAL SacherTorte. Love the setting of the cafe, felt like being back in time. It was very quiet and peaceful and a haven for us on a warm afternoon.

this is the famous and original SacherTorte. (honestly, it didn't taste that great to me! ;p preferred my passionfruit cake)

i thought of giving the Sacher Torte a second chance and tried it again at another restaurant in Vienna. Sorry to say that my original opinion didn't change. It's not for me ;p
We also checked out Demel in Vienna - the very famous pastry shop and chocolatier.
Nice cakes :) lovely atmosphere and innovative "open" kitchen where we can see the chefs @ work :)
We had pastries at other confectionaries as well and tried the LinzerTorte as well.

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