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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Our Accomodation in Prague - Icon Hotel

When i booked Icon Hotel for our prague stay -- my rationale was simple. it was centrally located on V jame just minutes from the heart of activitiy. And there's lots of restaurants around, so we don't need to venture too far when we are lazy. It was our last major stop, let's have a lil' pampering ! (haha.... not really lah, the hotel has no amenities like swimming pool etc.... it was all in the head.) (we still have 1 more stop, but that is only for 1 night on our way back).

And i am so glad we did! With the rain, we spent quite a fair bit of time in our rooms ;p and it was spacious, modern and comfortable :) Breakfast was also very good (after 10 days of continental style breakfast, i gladly had english style breakfast the 3 days we were here!!yeah! finally baked beans, eggs sunny side up and fried bacon! yum yum!! hahaha)
And they serve breakfast all day long so we don't have to worry about waking up late! not that we did .... we are usually @ the breakfast area by 9am. but it's the thought that counts!

It was a good stay to mark the end of our summer vacation. And i think it was a fitting choice :)

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