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Monday, July 25, 2011

Our Accomodation in Anif - Muendlbauer Anif

I chose to stay in Anif as it was located near to Salzburg (20minutes by public bus) and the various places i wanted to visit -- Hallstatt (1 hour drive) & Berchtesgaden Land (30mins drive). Didn't want to stay in Salzburg city as i figured parking will be more challenging and prices more expensive. and the intention was to visit the surrounding areas and not just Salzburg.

We stayed with the Mayr family @ Muendlbauer Anif. Sabine, the host was excellent. Very informative and tries to gives us suggestions :) breakfast was buffet style and there was variety and a good spread!!

I wasn't sure what to expect before we arrived at the B&B as other than our france roadtrip to Mont St Michel, we have not stayed on a "farm" before. I had imagined it to be a big farm with lots of animals, green fields etc....hahaha, it turned out alot smaller than i expected. ;p

when we arrived, there was a smell -- i don't know how to describe it -- i called it the "Farm smell" ;p that set me wondering if i made the right choice staying on a farm! but for some reason, after a while, we don't notice the smell at all! the other thing about this place is, there's a church just next to it and the church bells are our alarm clock!! 6am it starts to chime!! the first morning, it woke me up and i was kind of worried that i won't be able to get enough sleep with the early morning call! but as with the smell, it lost its effects soon .... the rest of the days we stayed there ... i didn't hear it at all ;p same goes for kaira and hubbie.

those 2 factors aside, i liked our stay in this B&B very much. very comfortable and homely. it was also very well located and the 2 restaurants located near it were excellent! good food, value for money and patronised by mainly by locals! some of our best meals during this trip were at Anif.

And it was good valuep! 55 euros per nite for our family! what more can i ask?

I highly recommend this place if u plan to visit Salzburg and its surrounds :)

kaira @ the stairway

our good-sized bedroom which was modern and well-kept

@ breakfast
she was very excited that there were lots of apples and pears lying on the ground in the garden for her to pick!
the farmhouse which is our B&B
view from our bedroom :
she saw mama cows and baby cows

i hope we will have a chance to visit this region and stay here once again!

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