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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hello Summer Vacation!

2 weeks
3 countries
4 wheels
5 B&Bs

our longest road-trip to-date! and honestly, i am a lil' apprehensive as i wonder if i will be a grouchy mouse at the end of the trip?? sometimes wished we had chosen to go on a cruise instead... that's such a no-brainer!! meals, entertainment and transport all taken care of!! would have been more relaxing that way ;p

unfortunately, cruise destinations do not cover all. and i suppose, if we don't do this roadtrip now, the chances of us doing it when we leave this place, is quite small ;p

plus, a roadtrip is cheaper (or at least that's what i think after doing the calculations) than going for a cruise ;p and we are going on an overdrive this year with our holidays since we know we are going to leave by year-end. so the travel budget has to stretch!!!!

and i need to squeeze one more trip to EuroDisney before we leave. that trip, is for little kaira. i hope we make it!!

See you in 2 weeks!

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