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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 7 : Berchtesgadener Land - Mt Jenner & Lake Konigssee

Thank God for such a sunny day!! After 2 days of not so good weather, this was warmly welcomed by us! and so, we took a 30 mins drive to Mt Jenner/Lake Konigssee. These 2 attractions are next to one another. We decided to do the mountain first before doing the boat ride on the lake to see St Bartholoma.

Kaira loved the cable car ride up the mountain. It was a very small cable car i must say, just enough space for the 3 of us! The views were breathtaking as we made our ascent.

there was hiking trail when we reached the cable car station at the summit. it was relatively easy but still a hike none the less! ;) kaira was very cooperative and excited cos she's into hiking these days as the chinese cartoon she's watching, the cartoon characters go for hikes too! :)

Yup, this is the trail we hiked up:it was still quite cool when we started, that's why kaira had her jacket on :

view of lake konigssee from the top :

We came down from the summit around lunch, thinking that we will be able to catch the boat ride before heading off to Vienna.

However, due to the crowds and waiting times, we didn't take the boat ride on the lake in the end! Haha, guess we will just have to visit this region again to see the famous St Bartholoma! So here's some photos of the lake ;)

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