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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 6 : Wolfgangsee

@St Wolfgang

This was not originally on my itinerary.

But Sabine has some brochures of it at her B&B and it looked really gorgeous! so we thought we'd "squeeze" it in and i am glad we did!

It was a very scenic drive -- windy roads, greenery, lovely alpine houses, lakes and alps. really very relaxing.

manage to find a good spot for pictures as we were leaving St Wolfgang

There are a few towns around the Lake Wolfgang and we chose St Wolfgang as there was a steam train going up to the Schafberg which we thought Kaira will enjoy.

the morning we woke up, the weather looked OK -- it wasn't sunny but at least it wasn't raining! so we decided to proceed to wolfgangsee. everything looked really promising cos the weather was OK and clear on the ground.

happily, we took the steam train up to Schafberg.

and the views when we were travelling up/down was fantastic!! we couldn't wait to get to the summit.
view on the way up to Schafberg
view on the way down

alas, a couple of hundred metres to the top and we saw the fog/mist .... which will not go away :(
so this was how it looked @ the top we didn't get to enjoy the panoramic views as seen in the brochures!

But it was still a lovely lake region! Love it!

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