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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 5 : Hallstatt

We were supposed to go to the Berchtesgaden region today but as the weather wasn't great, we decided to head to Hallstatt instead. This is the city that the chinese are replicating and i am glad i have the chance to see the the real UNESCO World Heritage site and not is replica :)

Despite the gloomy weather (cold and rainy), it was still beautiful. so, can u imagine it on a bright and sunny day?! :)

Since the weather wasn't very good, we spend the rest of the afternoon hiding in a shopping mall - Europark near our B&B ;p we saw it along our drive and decided to check it out. as we say, our holiday is never complete without some shopping!
but alas, we didn't buy anything at all!!! hahaha.

kaira was happy though, she found a horse carriage that she liked in the shopping mall!

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