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Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 3 : Tirol Region/Innsbruck

We left Hohenschwangau on the 3rd day and our end destination was Anif, where we were going to stay for 4 nights.

We drove through part of the Tirol region and visited Innsbruck.

From what we saw as we drove through the tirol region -- i am in love it! and i know i have not seen much of it!! wish we have the time to explore this region more ! the wonders of nature -- it was simply breath-taking. crystal clear waters, serene surroundings -- makes me want to take a caravan holiday as well. just park my caravan nearby and enjoy the nature!

kaira was excited by the water terraces. but we didn't allow her to go and play with the water. she was so disappointed!! that i was full of regret!

good thing we found another lake area and decided to make a stop. making our way down to the small lake

she was very delighted with the waters and had a splash of a time! happy to see her so happy!

We arrived in Innsbruck in time for lunch and a quick tour :
the famous "Golden Roof" of Innsbruck which is made of copper

visited one of the beer halls in Innsbruck :

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