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Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 2 : Neuschwanstein and Munich

We woke up early the next morning and was greeted with this view from our bedroom :)

isn't it great!! the sight is simply awesome

We quickly had our breakfast @ our B&B and made our way to the castle. there are 3 options to go up to the castle : by Bus, Horse Carriage or foot. It's quite a trek up the hill, not suitable for us ;p so since Kaira was very excited by the sight of the horse carriage we chose that and took a leisurely ride up.

for some reason, she doesn't want to be photographed with the horses?!?

Whichever option one takes, the final ascent is still by foot -- but at least it's a manageable 10 minutes or so.

I had initially contemplated whether we should skip the castle tour (afterall, we have seen many-a-castle before .... but decided to go for it anyway) and i am glad we took the castle tour -- it was impressive despite being unfinished.

After touring the castle we took a drive to Munich.

we ended the day around 9pm and looking forward to the our next destination :)

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