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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Day 13 : Worms, Germany

We needed a stop between prague and home as i estimated the drive, including pit stops to be around 9-10 hours. I think it'd be tiring for hubbie who's the driver and also the little gal to be cooped up in the car for so many hours.

So, i randomly selected a town that's kind of mid-way, simply by looking at the map. and decided on Worms. It sounded interesting ;p and when i did a search, it turned out that it's the OLDEST town in germany.

so Worms it shall be.

Next, i searched for accomodation and it turned out there are vineyard hotels in the region, and i thought why not? we've not stayed in a vineyard in europe yet and it would be a nice experience.

And so, we stayed at Weingut Sandwiese.

we arrived 5+pm as traffic conditions wasn't very good. was held up close to an hour on the highway for no apparent reason.

After a quick shower, we decided to have dinner in the restaurant of the vineyard instead of venturing to Worms. It was a good choice as the food was great and inexpensive and we had great wines and grape juice to accompany our meal. :)

After a good rest, the next morning, we were greeted with a large breakfast buffet spread -- quite rare with european B&Bs ;p love it. we bought bottles of grape juice and wines and wine jellies :) love the grape juice. not too sweet.

kaira was very excited to spot grapes growing on the vines. now, she knows where grapes come from!!
This B&B/hotel probably hardly have foreigners staying with them..... their clientele is predominantly local. but it was a good one night's rest :)

The next morning, we drove to the old town of Worms to check it out. it's a small town. i guess it suits those who are interested in its history ..... but we were in the last leg of our vacation..... guess we just wanna go home ;p so we visited the cathedrale only and gave the rest of the town a miss (don't think we missed much!)

and so, it was home sweet home on Day 14.

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