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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Day 10 : Drive to Czech Republic

What is life without some adventure?

And we were presented with one on the morning that we are preparing to leave for Prague.

I got into the car, switched on the GPS and since we are going to a new country, i have to select the Czech Republic as the country before i can key in the address.

Lo and behold, Czech wasn't on the list of countries available!!!

LOLOLOL -- since we arrived in the Netherlands and started using the GPS, we've always depended on it to bring us wherever we go that we had ASSUMED that we had access to ALL the european countries (ie. central, eastern etc)

but that is not the case apparently. we obviously didn't pay for GPS service outside of central europe!!! Now we know!

Anywayz, there wasn't anything that we can do. Good thing that near our Viennese B&B, we saw a road side for Prague and we simply followed it. i think we did a good job navigating our way out of vienna without GPS. At the gas station on the highway, hubbie quickly went to buy a map -- they only had the Prague map -- which was good enough for us i suppose. The highway signages are quite clear, so we hoped for the best and simply drove based on the directions on the highway.

When we reached Prague, the Map came in handy to help us navigate our way to the hotel.

I had initially planned o visit Brno (another city in Czech) before heading to prague. but the lack of GPS meant we could not do that and honestly, all i wanted for us is to quickly reach Prague and our hotel!!!

Felt so relieved when we reached our destination without getting lost!!

We still have to figure out how to navigate our way out of the city onto the highway when it's time to depart..... but that, we will have to worry about later ;p

and this is Kaira prancing happily at the clock tower as we waited for it to chime @ 5pm that day.

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