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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Which Currency is going to depreciate next???

I wrote this in 2010, IN JEST.
Which Currency Will Depreciate Next

I shall now make a bold prediction that it shall be the SGD that will start it's depreciating journey starting from end 2011/early 2012!!!! :D

[Just Kidding K?!?!]

Haha, but yes, you got the HINT, we are making the big move back to Singapore by year end!

This move back to Asia has been something that we've been talking since we arrived!! hehe, yeah, i really didn't like this place very much when we arrived in June 2008 ;p

We knew we wouldn't be able to move back to asia so quickly ... but we can always hope! haha.... so i kept bugging God about it ;p God is always teaching me about submitting to His plans and timing ;p and this experience here in the netherlands is the same. I was so sure that I want to go back to asia that i was praying and praying for it and asking God WHY NOT??? it's difficult to be happy when my thoughts are filled with "Why Not Why Not?" and the negativity that comes with it. Cos it shows such a deep sense of discontentment -- HOW to be truly happy? On one hand, i know that i need to trust God and submit to His will, on the other hand, i want MY will to be done.

How often does that happen? So often i lost track ;p But God is truly patient. He teaches us in the most gentle of ways. And i am grateful He did not give up on me. I am grateful that even when I strayed away, He still loves me.

After a year or 2 of struggling .... i made peace with the Lord. and truly, honestly, i gave up. I wasn't going to make myself unhappy by harping on something that i cannot control. i just had to make the most of what is present and continue to serve Him and do His will. When the time for us to move comes, He will show us. there's no need to struggle and to keep asking. What is more important is that we have the peace that HE is in control and that, He is with us. What more could one ask for? If He is for us, who can be against us??

And last year, after all the struggling and finally learning to submit to the Lord's will and just when I was prepared to stay here FOREVER (haha, no lah, not forever, but at least for a longer period of time) -- God started to move ... seems like a MIRACLE. Maybe He just likes to play tricks on me ;p

I believe in HIS PERFECT TIMING. 2011 is his perfect timing for us to move back to SG. I will trust in Him -- that everything will fall perfectly in place and he will provide abundantly. :)

Even as I am glad that we are moving back to SG this year, i have a feeling, this is not likely to be our last move ;) even prior to this move back, there was discussions to go elsewhere (but thank God that's put on a back burner!!). So yes, i shall enjoy whatever time i will have in Singapore. I believe we should be back in singapore at least for 2-3 years. Hope so!!!

And in the meantime, i am starting to throw out stuff and also selling off some stuff.

I have started a temporary blog for this purpose : Let's Recyle! Things for Sale! Hep me to publicise ya?! Thanks!

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