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Saturday, June 04, 2011

Kaira @ Loire

Kaira loves roadtrips -- She declares. and the reason??

she can sleep with Papa and Mama in the same room and on the same bed with Mama!

all the rest didn't matter to her ;p hahaha. she's so cute sometimes. when she says that, i wonder if i am depriving her by insisting that she sleeps in her own room (she's been doing that since she was 1 year old) and the only exception is when we are holiday ;) anywayz, am toying with the idea of letting her sleep with us one day a week. let's see how ;)

but i do think she enjoyed Loire quite a bit. she loved the B&B and uncle Adrian (our host) whom she looks forward to seeing each day! she loved running around the castles and their gardens and of course Sleeping Beauty in her castle!

she's always singing and dancing and loved having the treats (like desserts, ice-cream, juices etc) during the roadtrip.

not sure how much of her childhood she will remember .... but may it be as colorful as the pictures we have taken of her!

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