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Monday, June 06, 2011

First Pony Ride @ Eindhoven Equesterian Event

last July, when kaira was 2.5 yr-old, she was afraid to take a ride on the pony even though she was very interested in the pony and was very keen initially to ride on it. however, when the time came for her to mount onto the pony, she chickened-out.

but since then, she will sometimes say she wants to ride on a horse. i wasn't sure if she really meant it. cos her requests usually come about when e are on our roadtrips when we are bound to see horses -- and she always says she wants to ride the horses ;p

anyway, there's an equesterian event this weekend here in eindhoven -- we thought it's a good opportunity for her to try again. and glad to say that she really enjoyed it! am thinking of signing her up for horse-riding classes :))

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