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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Eindhoven Culinair 2011

Happen to see a poster advertisement for Eindhoven Culinair which takes place this weekend -- got me quite excited -- cos i assumed it was a "food tasting" event where we get to sample food from the region. finally, i will get to taste euthentic dutch cusine! ;p and see what i've been missing ;p

And i was not very wrong ;p

apparently this event usually takes place over the Pentecost weekend (cos it's a long weekend) and @ this event which gathered together more than 10 restaurants which offered sampling menus -- their signature dishes @ small portions and it was a festive atmosphere with live music, lots of booze, lots of places to just sit and while the time away with a drink and/or some food and even a children's play area where the kids are looked after by professionals and entertained the whole time (think bouncy castle, arts and crafts, face painting, snacks and drinks provided)! we could enjoy the food in peace!

honestly, i don't remember seeing advertising for this event the past few years .... maybe i wasn't so in-tuned or maybe we are usually out travelling whenever there's a public holiday.... whatever it is, i am quite happy that we discovered this event this year!

where food is of concerned -- it was more of an international cuisine -- with restaurants offering asian, mediterranean, italian cusine etc .... hehehe. but it didn't matter! cos the weather was great this afternoon and we had a leisurely time sampling the food and very importantly, Kaira had a great time!

our first stop for the afternoon - before we found the children's play area for kaira - she was busy climbing all over us!
would have appreciated a greater portion of the sticky rice cos Kaira finished almost all of it! (altho she doesn't quite like the mango)
can u see the children's play area in the background?
With Kaira safe and enjoying herself, it's time for us to enjoy the food!

there was even a fashion show

one last picture before we headed home:

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