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Sunday, June 05, 2011

Beautiful Villages of France

When i was planning my Loire valley itinerary and searching for information, i came across the "most beautiful villages of france" website and listed on the list were some villages located in loire valley.

i decided that i had to visit some of the villages!!! i chose a few and on the first day, we visited @ Candes-St-Martin, it was our last stop for the day.

and boy was i disappointed!!!

it was just a small quiet town and nothing very special about it. it's not even a quaint little town. it was just a sleepy town with nothing to see :(

yup, i was very very disappointed!! so disappointed, i decided not to visit the other villages i had on my list ;(

this was probably the best picture that i had of the place. no kidding :

we had initially wanted to have dinner in the village, but the only restaurant we could find in the village wasn't even open. lucky for us, the next town was just a short drive away and we had a very good (altho expensive) dinner there. but there wasn't much of a choice. plus we were too tired to go looking for another restaurant.

the restaurant in Montsoreau and it's interior :

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