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Friday, June 17, 2011

Bak Zhang 粽子

Haha, i know i know, 端午节 is over.... but i had to post these pictures -- cos it's 粽子 that i made -- of course, under the watchful eyes of my 师傅! :) hehe.

the nice ones were made by 师傅 and the not so nice ones by 徒弟 like myself (there were 3 of us learning to make the 粽子.

one of the things that i like about being here in the netherlands -- i am learning how to make all these yummy foodstuffs. they are so readily available back home in asia that there's really no motivation to learn. ;p

and when i was making them, it reminded me of my grandma and how she used to make so so so many of them! cooking them over charcoal.... wow! those were the days!! i was too young to remember how to make the bak zhang but i remember my favorite chestnuts in them - delicious!

i am so glad that i have the chance to learn this today -- just in time! ;)

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