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Saturday, June 04, 2011

Accomodation in Loire Valley

I shall start with our accommodation -- Chateau De La Villaine. This trip decided to stay in a chateau cos it's one of those places i would like to experience -- just like me wanting to stay in a Parador in Spain!!! (i am still waiting to fulfil that wish!!) I know we will not get a chance to own such a property, so guess, we just have to pay for the experience ;p

it's definitely pricier compared to usual B&Bs but after seeing the old property and hearing the efforts put in by the owners to maintain and renovate it every year -- i take it that i am contributing to a piece of history.... heehee

the chateau that we stayed in was apparently built in the 1800s on foundations that date back to 1500s ..... with such history, the floors are bound to be creaky and some parts may look tired -- but i find that very charming :) no keys were provided -- we were fine with it cos it safe -- but i guess some people do not like the idea of not having keys ;p

our hosts -- Adrian and Joke were great -- the fact that they are dutch means they speak perfect english -- so it definitely helps ;p Adrian shares quite alot of information which is very helpful. so, he's there having a chat with us during breakfast, dinner or when we arrive back after a long day. Now, if u are the type who likes an "invisible" host -- then this is probably not the place for u. Adrian is an "involved" host! hahaha.

We did have dinner @ the chateau on the first day we arrived -- Joke cooked the meal -- tasted excellent -- but somehow felt that it's a little pricey. plus that nite, little kaira, for no apparently vomitted @ the dinner table!!! yucks!!! think she drank too much juice prior to dinner or something. good thing was she was perfectly fine after vomitting :) so it was kind of a "Wasted meal" for us -- cannot really enjoy it ;p

whatever, it was a great 1 week stay :)

dining room where we had breakfast and dinner
Lounge area
our bedroom and kaira on the antique bed

the building

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