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Sunday, May 22, 2011

What Do You Think of When I Say Dutch Food?

I don't know about you, but here's what's on my mind when i first arrived in the Netherlands :

- cheese
- bread (bread and more bread!!!)
- deep fried stuff -- frikandel, croquettes, bitterballen, fries
- pancakes
- mushy stew (where everything is thrown in and looks mushy ....kekeke. think stoofpot and stamppot)

anywayz, nothing exciting and impressive. in fact, whenever i have to eat out @ a restaurant that serves dutch-style menu, i struggle to decide what i want to order cos nothing appealed to me and nothing seems delicious!!!

well, if u think this post is about how wrong i was and how after a couple of years, i have discovered how delicious and lovely dutch cuisine is .... HAHAHA .... i still don't think very much of dutch food in general ;p it's still quite boring to me ...hehehe

BUT, and this is rather BIG BUT, i have learnt to appreciate certain Dutch Food :) in fact, i've grown to like them quite alot that i will surely miss them when we leave this place. But in the meantime, i am just going to continue enjoying them :)

I shall list them here randomly :

A) Waldkorn bread
Just the look of this bread makes me feel healthy ;p and not only that, it tastes great!! it's a lovely brown color, soft inside with a crunchy crust. and when served with a tuna salade, it tastes very very good!

So, what is waldkorn bread? well, i tried to google and find out more and hopefully find a recipe too -- cos i would love to bake this @ home! from the website i get the impression that waldkorn has dutch origins!

It says : Waldkorn was the first brand multigrain bread in the Netherlands and stands for quality. Barley, malt, wheat and rye: it's all in Waldkorn. The authentic and traditional multi-grain bread was often copied but Waldkorn is and remains 'the original'.

Doesn't it just sound healthy?? barley, malt, wheat and rye! yummmilicious! lekker (i.e. delicious) indeed!

i never took any pictures of the waldkorn i've had (i shall remember to do so next time!) and this is an image i got from :

I am not a bread person. But Waldkorn bread is really good!

B) Speculaas Cookies (Koek) & Speculoos Spread (Speculoos Pasta)
Speculaas cookies are spiced cookies (think gingerbread man spice) -- and they are usually thin with a great crunch! goes very well with coffee and tea. Having one reminds me of christmas. image from this website

From the cookie, we progress to the spread! u know, just like there's kaya, nutella spread, this was simply speculaas spread! initially it was quite difficult for me to imagine eating bread that tasted like a cookie .... hahaha, but it's nice and quite addictive once i started on it ;p

afternote : just been told that this speculoos spread is of belgian origin!! ;p

C) Savoury Pancakes
this was a difficult one for me to accept when i first arrived. sweet pancakes, i get. but savoury pancake with toppings such ham, bacon, mushroom and cheese..... aaaaaargh ... it sounded terrible!!!!

But i eat my words. Give me a savoury pancake anytime and i would say "lekker" (delicious)!!!

D) stroopwafels
Not those available commercially packed -- but rather handmade ones.
i've tried those available in supermarkets and those we would buy as souvenirs but i don't enjoy them much.

however, this year, i tried a homemade stroopwafel (made by some people who were raising funds for a church) and they were delicious! Yes, they are definitely sweet and i can't take more one piece each time -- but they are different from those i've tried before.

Then, i remember @ the open market that is in operation every Wednesday near my place, there's a store that makes the stroopwafels on the spot and sells them. I decided one day to try them. and YES! they were delicious too! similar to the homemade ones.

Still sweet no doubt. but tastes great and goes well with coffee/tea!!

So there, 4 (or rather, 5) dutch foods that i like!


Kees said...


I just got caught up in a discussion about Waldkorn on somebody´s blog, and in my reply I made a link to this page as an example of what expats think of Dutch food. Hope that´s OK.

Here's the return-link:

With kind regeards,


PS: I think that once you've buttered two slices of Dutch fluffy white bread rather thickly, and filled your sandwich with some crunchy Dutch speculaasjes, and washed that down with some full-fat cold milk, you'll agree that Belgian speculoospasta is a characteristically stupid Belgian product. I also pointed this out to David Lebovitz. No link; just google it yourself, you lazy bastard.


Ms Long said...

thanks for letting me know Kees! coincidentally, i've visited before when i was researching for waldkorn recipes.