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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Queen's Day, 30 Apr 2011,

As I have mentioned before, this year, we are trying to "take part" in as many local celebrations as possible ;p cos after 3 years here in eindhoven, quite a shame to say that i've never been to a Queen's Day celebration right?!? hehehe.

We didn't make our way to Amsterdam (cos figured that it will be very crowded and with a 3 and a half year old, crowds are not our best friend!) and decided to stay in Eindhoven.

Besides the partying and celebrations, this is also the day when anyone can put out their things to sell (without licence etc) and this was the Vrijmarkt @ Eindhoven centrum :

there are so many many people getting rid of stuff they do not need!! what a great recycling idea :) i had wanted to sell some stuff this year too...but as usual, inertia got the better of me .... and guess i was more suited as the buyer .... added more stuff to what i already have at home! LOL. k, i will try next year to sell the unwanted stuff @ home ;p

some pictures of the day.

honestly, didn't take too many pictures cos was just too busy browsing through the stuff, at the same time keeping an eye on Kaira!!

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