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Thursday, May 19, 2011


realised that this year we are spending alot more time tending the garden. past 3 years, we are so focused on travelling whenever we can during the weekends -- that tending to the garden was the last thing on our mind.

nowadays, we drive out less during the weekends. combination of factors i suppose -- 1) the thrill of exploring has kind of subsided, 2) major places of interest have been covered and 3) maybe we are getting laidback?? LOL.

anyway, this means we have more time on hand to potter around with the plants.

but the years of neglect meant that it's really hardwork trying to get the garden in order ;p just getting rid of weeds, moss etc took me days!! and it's still not finished. well, at least the front flower bed looks alot more presentable these days. hopefully the plants i bought and planted will survive.

now, it's trying to "whip" the back garden into better shape!!

wish me luck!

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