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Thursday, May 05, 2011

A Dear Fren's Visit

This is such an outdated post!! With facebook and this blog, sometimes i get confused over my postings ;p

i uploaded the photos onto facebook and totally forgot about my blog ;p

anywayz, i am so glad ML chose to come here for her holidays and spent 10 days with us!! our first stay-in visitor since we moved to NL!! hehehe.

kaira promptly declared that Aunty MuiLing is her best friend on the first day :)) half suspect that it's because of ML"s iphone....kkekeke. everyday, she will ask to play with the iphone.

wellz, we took the opportunity to revisit some of our favorites places - kinderdijk, giethoorn and Monschau.

spent alot of time catching up and of course, on the hot topic of the moment "SG elections"!!! haha, good to have a fellow singaporean to talk about it everyday during the campaigning period.... makes it more interesting!!! ;p

10 days flew past like this. Come to think about it, 30 years flew past like this!! that's how long we've known one another :))

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