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Thursday, May 26, 2011


I first tasted buttermilk the first week we arrived in netherlands ... not that i purposely bought it. more like i didn't understand dutch and bought the wrong milk!!!! hahaha. (just fyi, in dutch, it's Karnemelk)

because i had expected the normal milk, when it turned out so sourish, it really put me (and hubbie) off and since then i have avoided it like a plague :p

however, some time back, i got a recipe for a fruit and nut cake which i loved, which called for buttermilk. So, buttermilk appeared in my house once again.

And now, i've finally acquired the taste for it and can drink it neat!! although in very small quantities ;p

and now, i'm hooked on using buttermilk in my bakes and i am looking for more of such recipes! if u have one, do share with me :)

so far, i've baked cornbread with buttermilk. and will be trying a banana cake with buttermilk soon. :))

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