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Friday, April 15, 2011

One for the Memories

these are Kaira's friends whom she plays with quite often. And thanks to them and their mummies, she has the opportunity to practice her Mandarin :)

when i look back, i see this really as a testimony of trusting in God's perfect plans and not worrying.

I remember when i first arrived in Netherlands, i was concerned how well-versed Kaira will be in chinese and also lamenting the fact that there are no "chinese enrichment classes" here for toddlers unlike in singapore.

Now, i am thankful that she has "good teachers" and a conducive environment for learning mandarin -- from our Chinese and Taiwanese friends. So much so that, i felt when we were last back home (fr Dec to Feb), her mandarin took a step back cos she was not exposed to it daily like now and she doesn't practice speaking it as frequently as she has to here. ;p

the next challenge i guess is character recognition and writing. that, i suppose, i will have to cross the bridge when it comes.

(the kids were watching cartoon. that's why i could capture all of them in one shot! otherwise, it's quite impossible ;p )

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