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Monday, April 18, 2011

Garden. And Me. And the Dutch.

The weather was really good today -- sunny and warm.

Hubbie's out of town.... and kaira is @ a fren's place playing with her children. (these days, kaira's very keen to spend time playing with other children, with or WITHOUT me ;p)

so i find myself having a few hours to myself and there's no shopping to do, no nothing!!! aaaargh.

so what do i do??

clear the weeds of our front garden!!!!

it's really getting unsightly (@_@)and gardening is usually hubbie's "responsibility" -- so decided to do it as a "present" for him when he returns...hahahah... call this an expression of my L.O.V.E ....LOLOLOL .... even i feel like puking as i type this ;)

hope he appreciates it!!

anywayz, i think dutch are generally "garden-proud" -- whenever i take a walk, i cannot help but admire how lovely everyone's garden is. it's rare to find an unkept one and if there's one, it's usually because the house is vacant. although, i have seen a few unsightly ones ... they are not that common.

u know what we say about judging people by their appearance....while here, they judge you by how your garden looks ;p

so, we are probably "frowned" upon .... hahahaha.

both of us are really a product of the "city". no green fingers (everything i try to grow, just dies!!!) and we find tending to the small plot of land tiring and a chore!! when the weather is good, we much prefer to be travelling or out and about. to spend a morning or afternoon tending the garden is just ..... such a waste of time and good weather!!! hahahaha.

although i do like flowers ...... but .... somehow, they don't last long under my care. the other day, i wanted to buy some, since they are so lovely now. but hubbie was like "really?? they will just die. why waste money??" heehee. i know where he's coming. but i guess i should start somewhere to try and improve how our garden looks :)

my neighbour has volunteered to give me some pointers, so we have made an appointment for me to learn from her :)) guess she also wants her neighbour's garden to look better than how it does today!!! LOLOLOL.

anyway, i spent a back-breaking 1-1.5 hours clearing weeds this afternoon. i am so tired now. and i am very grateful for the garden tool my neighbour lent me!! without it, i think i would have taken longer!!!

this thing about gardening -- i am not sure if i will take to it. to think that i even harboured thoughts of growing my own vegetables and fruits in the past .... hahaha.

while i wait for my green fingers to come, i guess i will just have to admire the work of others in the meantime ;p

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