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Friday, March 04, 2011

It's Carnival Time

Carnival Time is a festive season which typically occurs before Lent. Here, besides the partying, they love to dress up and these few weeks there's lots of advertisement for Carnival costumes.

We did think of getting one for hubbie (so that in future, maybe we can use it @ the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens??? haha, dream on weiz!) -- but they are not cheap! one costume i saw which i thought was quite typically dutch was that of Frites (i.e Fries) -- but price tag -- 25 euros! aiyo, how to buy ??

anywayz, Kaira's school has a celebration for the kids today.

I didn't buy her any costume but thank God we have the pair of butterfly wings and magic wand from her birthday -- so she was more than happy to be wearing the wings to school. and very eager to show her teachers her butterfly wings!

think they are having a blast right now in school!

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