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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Animal Lover

.... i am not. ;p hehehe

but kids, being kids, don't they just love animals? Well, Kaira does. And here in the Netherlands, she gets close encounters ever so often. Just opposite my place is a park with a kinderboerderij (children's animal farm) where she gets to feed goats, chickens etc and also petting them.

today, we went to another animal farm with a fren -- with a larger variety of animals!! ponies, lamas, rats ..... kaira was thrilled!!!

this farm-park Grote Beek is situated within a geriatric/psychiatric community -- i never thought of visiting this place cos was under the impression that this place is only for people with some mental/psychological problems.

Now, i realise that's not the case. in fact, they want to encourage visitors to the place and even had a little campfire for barbecuing marshmallows ... as part of the program.

It was an enjoyable afternoon spent with Kaira's good fren Andre from school.

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