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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Animal Lover

.... i am not. ;p hehehe

but kids, being kids, don't they just love animals? Well, Kaira does. And here in the Netherlands, she gets close encounters ever so often. Just opposite my place is a park with a kinderboerderij (children's animal farm) where she gets to feed goats, chickens etc and also petting them.

today, we went to another animal farm with a fren -- with a larger variety of animals!! ponies, lamas, rats ..... kaira was thrilled!!!

this farm-park Grote Beek is situated within a geriatric/psychiatric community -- i never thought of visiting this place cos was under the impression that this place is only for people with some mental/psychological problems.

Now, i realise that's not the case. in fact, they want to encourage visitors to the place and even had a little campfire for barbecuing marshmallows ... as part of the program.

It was an enjoyable afternoon spent with Kaira's good fren Andre from school.

Monday, March 28, 2011

The Road Less Travelled.

A poem by Robert Frost.

The last few days, for some reason, the phrase "The Road Less Travelled" kept popping up in my mind. Probably triggered by the fact that a good friend of mine contemplating a move out of sg in the name of work.

The road less travelled may be challenging but it may bring pleasant surprises and unexpected blessings!!

And as my mind wanders..... in this globalised world, where relocations are so common, maybe staying home, is the road less travelled.

The ironies of life.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Alike. Yet, So unlike ......

Everytime i see kaira, i think she's so like me .... especially temperament-wise ;p which i think it's not such a good thing....why didn't she inherit her father's temperament instead?? so much better!! kekeke.

Yet, she's so unlike me in 2 areas :
(a) love for art and craft and drawing
(b) agility and sense of balance

this post is about (b). cos it's spring now, and with better weather, we are spending more time outdoors -- @ the playground!

she loves to climb and is so adventurous sometimes my heart skips a beat. but i am secretly glad that she seems so agile and adventurous .... unlike her mum ;p

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Outdoor Dining Season Is Here Again.

Finally, we are able to enjoy the warmth of the sun while dining ;) this place is now my new favorite to hangout when we want to while away time. it has a big enough payground to occupy kaira and has a very relaxing ambience. we've been there 2 consecutive weeks ! hehe.

the place : t'Boshuys @ Best. think we will be heading there more often in the days head ;p

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

分手七年后, 再度相恋, 我觉得挺浪漫的! ;)
我想需要蛮多的勇气. 毕竟, 有时逃避比面对自己的感情, 更为容易.

对我而言, 这是属于年少时的我的奢望 .....

希望这对勇敢的恋人, 有情人终成眷属.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The last few year, hubbie hardly travelled (at most 2-3 trips in a year) -- i've gotten used to having him around "all the time" versus the good old days when he was travelling quite a fair bit on the job.

this year, it's a year of adjustment for me, yet again. have to get used to him travelling more often ;(

nope don't like it. also because his travelling and additional work responsibilities affect our personal travel plans ;p kekeke. *selfish* yes, i admit.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Springing to Life!

Gorgeous Spring is here!

Love it when we have sunny weather like what we had the last week :) although i have to say, the sun can be deceptive. U think it's warm out there -- but it's actually chilly -- especially with the wind ;p

but heyz, after a few months of grey winter, this is heaven!

Perfect day for a trip to one of my favorite places in eindhoven -- the Philips FruitTuin.

It's Carnival Time - Part 2

Our first time "participating" in the parade even though we've been here 3years!! ;p

Our HKG Rugby Sevens headgear, which have been hibernating for the last 3 years, finally saw light today! kekeke.

Lots of shops are closed coming Monday and Tuesday. even the monthly Sunday shopping day is not happening tomorrow -- so one can only guess, that everyone's out partying!

in fact, last nite, when we were out, we were really surprised to see so few people in the shops, @ the restaurants -- it was so much quieter than normal!! amazing. not sure if it's because it's the start of the Spring break, or really because of Carnaval?!?!

well, here are some photos to share. it was fun buti think HKG Sevens beat this hands down!! ;p

Friday, March 04, 2011

It's Carnival Time

Carnival Time is a festive season which typically occurs before Lent. Here, besides the partying, they love to dress up and these few weeks there's lots of advertisement for Carnival costumes.

We did think of getting one for hubbie (so that in future, maybe we can use it @ the Hong Kong Rugby Sevens??? haha, dream on weiz!) -- but they are not cheap! one costume i saw which i thought was quite typically dutch was that of Frites (i.e Fries) -- but price tag -- 25 euros! aiyo, how to buy ??

anywayz, Kaira's school has a celebration for the kids today.

I didn't buy her any costume but thank God we have the pair of butterfly wings and magic wand from her birthday -- so she was more than happy to be wearing the wings to school. and very eager to show her teachers her butterfly wings!

think they are having a blast right now in school!