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Saturday, January 22, 2011

My new obsession.

Think it was about 10 years ago when the K-drama craze started in Asia .... i remember that dramas like Winter Sonata 大长今 etc were very popular. i only know these 2 drama titles cos they were so popular, i must be a hermit not to know them. although i've never watched them ;p

the K-drama, K-pop and K-stars craze had little effect on me. for some reason, i felt that they were poor cousins to J-drama, J-pop and of course, how could the Korean guys compare with their cute japanese counterpart????

but as we all know, never say NEVER. changes do happen!!

and this is the guy who brought about the change : Kim Hyun Joong

if i am 20 years younger, i think i will be obsessed with him. make that super obsessed. Hahaha.

He's damn cute. i feel damn juvenile!!! when in fact, can be considered AUNTIE liao!!! HELP!!! :D


Phang said...
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Phang said...

Ha Ha.. I like too! Now u've got company... :P Catch him in his latest drama Mischievous Kiss. Free on mysoju. - Poochi

Ms Long said...

hehehe.... good to have company!! i already finished watching that ;) now i catching up on the PAST ;p