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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Have i found the answer to my face woes??

i am not sure.

but i have been consuming the Meiji Amino Collagen for a few days now and my facial skin has improved tremendously!! unbelievable.

it's still red, but not as red as before and the bumps/rash-like look are gone. i hope it continues this way and it improves over time!! i've tried so many methods to "save" my face but some have temporary effect only -- so i hope this will prove otherwise.

And why did i start on it? honestly, i don't even know why i was open to trying it. i remember reading about it a couple of years back but i personally do not know of anyone using it.

and i guess, my face was in such a terrible condition (it was very red, lots of bumps and nothing seemed to help.....)since coming back to singapore that i am once again on the lookout for help! previously the dead sea mud mask worked to soothe the redness a little but somehow, this trip, it has lost its effects :( so while surfing, i came across an article on Meiji Amino Collagen and decided to give it shot!

and i am so glad i did.

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