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Friday, January 07, 2011

First week of Jan

Hubbie went back to the netherlands on Monday and since then, kaira has displayed some difficult behaviour. Although it is not a continuous display, but the times when she cries for no reason, can be very irritating, to say the least.
her cries :
"I love papa"
"i want papa to kiss me good nite"
"Mama, can u go and bring papa home"

As a 3 year old, she's really processing alot of emotions and thoughts .... and i suppose i should be more patient with her (*_*) the thing is, when she knows i am trying to be patient and nice, she will wail even louder and be more difficult!! hmmmrrrph. so in the end, i end up being the bad guy -- raising my voice at her!!

hopefully, she will get better soon and things will be back to normal next week!

on a brighter note, she seems to be enjoying herself in school! today, she came back with a spider that she made in class and was really excited to tell me about it :) i peeped @ her in school today and she seems so at ease and participative in class -- i am really happy to see that!

and even though today is only her 2nd time attending the class, when we were going off, she went to each of her teacher to say "bye bye" to them and even hugged one of them! i think she really likes them :)

having a ben&jerry's treat after class:

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