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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Color of the Moment : Pink

not exactly sure when it started, but kaira is into pink-colored food these days --- she particularly likes strawberry ice cream (in the past, she wasn't so particular, as long as it was ice cream, she was happy) and pink-colored cakes!

we walked past Breadtalk (bakery) a few times the last week and each time, she asked to buy the pink cake. the first few times, i didn't want to buy it for her.... cos i wasn't sure she will really eat it?!? u know how kids are, they want something, eat one bite and declares that they don't like it ;( then i will have to finish it for her, and i am NOT INTO pink-colored cakes....seriously ;p

today, AGAIN, when we walked past a bakery (coincidentally, Breadtalk again), she insisted that she wanted to eat the PINK cake!! she has such a LONG memory .....haizzz. so after some bugging from her, i bought her the cake and she woofed the entire cake down.

geee, what's up with pink?

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