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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Miss Papa. I want to Hug Papa.

she misses her Papa very much indeed. this is the 4th week that he's back in Netherlands while she's here, and everyday, she's bound to have moments when she misses him so much she throws tantrums. sometimes really buay tahan her cries.

she's looking forward to the return of her Papa this Saturday!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

My new obsession.

Think it was about 10 years ago when the K-drama craze started in Asia .... i remember that dramas like Winter Sonata 大长今 etc were very popular. i only know these 2 drama titles cos they were so popular, i must be a hermit not to know them. although i've never watched them ;p

the K-drama, K-pop and K-stars craze had little effect on me. for some reason, i felt that they were poor cousins to J-drama, J-pop and of course, how could the Korean guys compare with their cute japanese counterpart????

but as we all know, never say NEVER. changes do happen!!

and this is the guy who brought about the change : Kim Hyun Joong

if i am 20 years younger, i think i will be obsessed with him. make that super obsessed. Hahaha.

He's damn cute. i feel damn juvenile!!! when in fact, can be considered AUNTIE liao!!! HELP!!! :D

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Color of the Moment : Pink

not exactly sure when it started, but kaira is into pink-colored food these days --- she particularly likes strawberry ice cream (in the past, she wasn't so particular, as long as it was ice cream, she was happy) and pink-colored cakes!

we walked past Breadtalk (bakery) a few times the last week and each time, she asked to buy the pink cake. the first few times, i didn't want to buy it for her.... cos i wasn't sure she will really eat it?!? u know how kids are, they want something, eat one bite and declares that they don't like it ;( then i will have to finish it for her, and i am NOT INTO pink-colored cakes....seriously ;p

today, AGAIN, when we walked past a bakery (coincidentally, Breadtalk again), she insisted that she wanted to eat the PINK cake!! she has such a LONG memory .....haizzz. so after some bugging from her, i bought her the cake and she woofed the entire cake down.

geee, what's up with pink?

Monday, January 10, 2011


第十三年 花边婚,不但坚韧,并且很美.

happy anniversary papa!!

Friday, January 07, 2011

First week of Jan

Hubbie went back to the netherlands on Monday and since then, kaira has displayed some difficult behaviour. Although it is not a continuous display, but the times when she cries for no reason, can be very irritating, to say the least.
her cries :
"I love papa"
"i want papa to kiss me good nite"
"Mama, can u go and bring papa home"

As a 3 year old, she's really processing alot of emotions and thoughts .... and i suppose i should be more patient with her (*_*) the thing is, when she knows i am trying to be patient and nice, she will wail even louder and be more difficult!! hmmmrrrph. so in the end, i end up being the bad guy -- raising my voice at her!!

hopefully, she will get better soon and things will be back to normal next week!

on a brighter note, she seems to be enjoying herself in school! today, she came back with a spider that she made in class and was really excited to tell me about it :) i peeped @ her in school today and she seems so at ease and participative in class -- i am really happy to see that!

and even though today is only her 2nd time attending the class, when we were going off, she went to each of her teacher to say "bye bye" to them and even hugged one of them! i think she really likes them :)

having a ben&jerry's treat after class:

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Have i found the answer to my face woes??

i am not sure.

but i have been consuming the Meiji Amino Collagen for a few days now and my facial skin has improved tremendously!! unbelievable.

it's still red, but not as red as before and the bumps/rash-like look are gone. i hope it continues this way and it improves over time!! i've tried so many methods to "save" my face but some have temporary effect only -- so i hope this will prove otherwise.

And why did i start on it? honestly, i don't even know why i was open to trying it. i remember reading about it a couple of years back but i personally do not know of anyone using it.

and i guess, my face was in such a terrible condition (it was very red, lots of bumps and nothing seemed to help.....)since coming back to singapore that i am once again on the lookout for help! previously the dead sea mud mask worked to soothe the redness a little but somehow, this trip, it has lost its effects :( so while surfing, i came across an article on Meiji Amino Collagen and decided to give it shot!

and i am so glad i did.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

it's good be to home

FCBC -- our home church. it's celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, whereas, this would be be my 20th year in the church.