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Saturday, December 31, 2011


wishing everyone a great 2012 ahead!!

A new year. A new beginning. :)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Zoo Zoo Let's Go

Our second visit to the Zoo since we returned last month and you will probably see us visiting the zoo quite often in the future ;) cos on our last visit there, we signed up for the Friends of the Zoo membership :)

clowning around on the cow.....

Our last trip there, we arrived slightly before 2pm and managed to catch quite a few of the feeding sessions.  when we did some research, so this time, we arrived earlier ard 1pm to catch the earlier feeding sessions.

The animals are more active during feeding ;p  other times, we may not catch them in action ...heehee.

actually, kaira enjoys the rainforest kidz world more than the animals i think!! was telling hubbie that since we have the membership, we can make some trips solely to the water play area and the playground  ;p  can skip the animals!! hahaha.  i think it wouldn't make any difference to her ;)

 Regardless, it's always nice to visit the zoo. nature and some exercise ;p heehee.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Craft Time

after all the "partying" the last week and over christmas, today was sort of a "lull" day and since we didn't have anything planned till the evening, i decided to do some craft work with kaira.

she loves art and craft and is very imaginative!! haha!! she sees things that i don't ;)

first, she made 3 sock puppets, a christmas gift she received.  she loved the puppets!

Next, we played with PlayMais and she started creating T-rex, traffic lights and what have you.... so imaginative :) 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Singapore Skyline By Night

Singapore - the city of skyscrapers.   Every time i come home, it seems like there are new buildings and the skyline has grown prettier.

This is Marina Bay Sands
Evening view of MBS :

The Singapore Merlion and our financial district forms the backdrop

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Lightings in Singapore

We didn't really get many photos of the brightly lit Orchard Road as it's usually very crowded this period of the year and honestly, we have not plucked up the courage to brave the crowds so as to take a stroll down Orchard Road to admire the lights!!

We only managed to catch the lights on Boxing Day and it was a quick one as we drove along Orchard Road.  It's still crowded (although, admittedly, not as crowded as the days before!!)

 This year, we had the chance to view the Christmas Floats for "Celebrate Christmas in Singapore" - i didn't even know that there's such an event in Singapore!

So, this is Christmas in the Tropics!

Christmas & Dad's Birthday

This year is my Dad's 70th Birthday and we had a simple family dinner on christmas eve before his birthday.

Dinner was @ Beng Thin Restaurant @ Toa Payoh -- simple, homestyle and delicious!!

On Christmas Day, we the did the usual extended family gathering @ my auntie's place with our relatives......


This year, Kaira is a little more aware of the "commercialised" side of Christmas.  Haha -- which kid doesn't like the idea of presents, candies and play?!?!


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Blessed Christmas My Friends

Here's Kaira wishing everyone a blessed Christmas and a great 2012 ahead. :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

i am finally "In" ;p


my trusted phone of 7 years died on me :(  i liked this phone very much and if it hadn't died on me, i think i would still be hanging on to it ....even though i keep saying that i will buy the iphone (sooner or later ;p)

can u see the words -- this is the reason i have to change the phone.... it went bonkers!!

old love. new love.

i went down to the phone shop to buy the iphone 4S today.  i think one of the greatest put offs for me when it comes to buying the phone from the shops is the crowd and queue!! that's y i am not very motivated to get a new phone....;p today, i spent almost 1.5 hrs @ the shop just to complete the purchase.  i don't understand why every day, there's so many people buying phones!!??!!

o wellz, today, i was part of the crowd.

Hope the new "love" ihpone4S turns out to be just as good!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cool and Wet December

For some reason, i don't remember singapore being this wet and cool during December.

Maybe each time i am back, i am in a holiday mood, so my perception of things is "colored" ;p 

Since we came back in early November, it seems to be raining everyday. and it's the heavy downpour kind.  on good days, the downpour lasts for a while and the rest of the day is dry.  but there are days when it just keeps raining and raining and raining! neverending rain..... which means cool weather!! :) refreshing for a change from the hot and humid.... provided one is not caught in the rain lah!

as a tourist, i think i will not enjoy Singapore very much during this period. cos it's so wet and if sightseeing or outdoor activities are planned.... it can be such a dampener!! but of course, if one is just shopping, then the rain's not going to be of hindrance.  singapore main shopping belt is complimented by a network of underground connections.... it's possible to stay dry ..... and not be affected by the rains...unless of course, if it floods ;p  heehee.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas is not here yet.... and Chinese New Year is coming!!!

haha, that's the fun thing about living in a multicultural society !!

the Victoria wholesale centre (they carry mostly dried goods.... think dried scallops, fish maw, sea cucumber, dried mushrooms, dried herbs etc) is making way (for the new expressway i think) so, we decided to visit it to see if we can get some good bargains for CNY ;p the last time i was there must be 8-9 years ago.... this place reminds me of HK Sheung Wan 海味街 although on a smaller scale :)

so off we went this morning for shopping....of a different kind!

olden day equivalent of the candy store??
choosing some CNY decorations
It just feels better buying from the Old Ah Ma ;p

kaira kept complaining that it's "smelly" when we pass by the dried shrimps and ikan bilis....LOL. i kept telling that this scent is fragrant.... she gave me the incredulous look and put her hands over her nose ;p

whatever .... we came back with bagfuls of goodies!! ready for serious CNY cooking ;p Yeah Right!

Friday, December 16, 2011

The "heart" of Singapore - Orchard Road

Orchard Road can be considered the heart of singapore.  no tourist will leave singapore without visiting it i suppose?  fame for the long stretch of shopping, shopping and more shopping!! ;p

if shopping is not on your agenda, i am not sure what else there really is....o, there's the eating of course! ;p

during christmas when the malls are all decked in their christmas glory, it's a beautiful sight. and boy is it crowded.

today i had a taste of the crowd.  i don't know what got into me to suggest to my mother to head down to Isetan which is having it's private sale today. Bad suggestion. it was so crowded in the departmental store i couldn't breathe.  we walked a round and came out with nothing ;p

the human crowd wasn't just in Isetan. it was everywhere.  there were just people everywhere!!! whose bright idea was it to increase our population exponentially?  can singapore really take so many on its tiny shores? o wellz, i guess this topic has been debated to "death" by others.....and the outcome is still the same. i guess we need the BUZZZZZZ.

besides the human crowd, there's the traffic.  at the junction where Goodwood park hotel is, going towards the Shaw Centre carpark, it was such a jam....*dislike* lucky we were taking the bus.

whatever it is, i think i should leave Orchard Road to an "off peak" day.... probably after this holiday period..... then, shopping may be more pleasant!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sore Throat (Again) ?!?!

just last week i went to see the doc and was given anti-biotics for my sore throat cos he said its been too long (like 8 days) .... and by end of the week - i was really glad that i seemed to have "Recovered"!!

but yesterday (wednesday), i felt pain in my throat again!! aaaarggggh. is it so difficult for the body to adjust to life back home? (-_-)

besides my usual fix of manuka honey, honey+lemon juice and Vitamin, i even bought a glass of starfruit juice (with salt added) cos i've heard that it's effective against sore throat.  not sure if it will really help.... but i will try everything!!! i hate sore throats!!!!

and guess what, cos i was @ raffles city area, i bought the fruit juice there -- it cost me a princely S$5 for the glass of starfruit juice.  granted it was cold press -- and i think i counted 4 star fruits that went into my juice.... but still it was pricey .........and princess kaira was there and she wanted watermelon juice... that's another S$5 gone...... o wellz, i should have chosen a fruit juice store @ a hawker centre or something.... but lazy me just went for the convenient option ;p

and talking abt $$$, whilst i don't shop alot -- i realise now where my $$ goes to..... i buy quite a fair amount of snacks/cakes/bread whenever i am out ;p  really so happy to have so many choices of yummy japanese-style cakes/snacks/bread ..... and curry puffs and what you!!

and because i've been deprived the last 4 years.... price is still not a barrier...YET.......hahahaha.

just jotting down for my own reference. 

- mini fish taiyaki (the fish shaped japanese snack with fillings such as red bean etc0  -- 16 pcs for S$8.50 --> this is expensive. think i should not buy it so often ;p

- dorayaki (u know, the round japance pancake with redbean in the centre)- S$1.20 per piece.  this i think is quite reasonable :)

- old chang kee curry puff - S$1.20 per piece

- breadtalk japanese style sponge cake - S$1.50 per piece. (when i get my hands on my oven, i shall make my own japanese honey sponge cake. i think should be cheaper than buying!)

 o wellz, not sure why a post on sore throat led to me talking about prices of snacks ;p

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Yes, turned 39 yesterday and already looking forward to 12-12-2012!!!! ;) the date is so good looking it calls for a big birthday bash next year.... HAHAHA.  *just joking*

anywayz, we had a simple family dinner @ NUSS Guild House Bukit Timah...... our first visit.  quite a nice place. Busy hubbie even managed to find time to buy a birthday cake.... lol .... *muacks* 

thanking the Lord for all the blessings over the years!!

restored shophouse @ Petain Road, Singapore

singapore doesn't have a long and rich history like european countries.  so whilst we are used to seeing houses that were a few hundred years old in europe, u probably won't find such old buildings in singapore.

singapore is full of modern buildings that these shophouses built in the 1920s can probably be considered "old" .  they have been beautifully restored and conserved and they are gorgeous.

looking at the details, it seems the architecture seems to combine european and local influences..... think there's a term for that  "Chinese Baroque" or "Singapore Eclectic"

wish we are able to own a piece of history...... but it comes at a steep price! ;)

Monday, December 12, 2011

Swim Time

some 30+years ago, i had my swimming lessons @ this public pool. and yesterday, kaira started her swimming lessons @ the same public pool! i've not been to this public pool for many many years and it has had a complete makeover!!  one of the things i am thankful in singapore is that some public services are still very affordable! entry to the pool is S$1.20 per adult and 60cents per child on weekends. (compared that to entry to the eindhoven swim complex of around 4euros!)

the cost of her swimming lessons is S$60 per month and each session in 1 hour...think quite reasonable lah :) although i must say the netherlands swimming lessons were also quite affordable too 50+euros for a quarter but each lesson is 30 minutes. and we don't hv to pay for entry unlike singapore where we still have to pay for the entry to the pool even though we have paid for the lessons.

so hubbie and i have decided to go swimming when she has lessons -- as a form of exercise for us too!

next. is to buy a swimsuit for myself!! my bikini is getting too small ;p

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Kaira's First Neighbourhood Christmas Party in SG

on 3rd Dec, kaira attended her first neighbourhood christmas party here in Singapore.  My parents have recently moved into a HDB flat and decided to bring her to the party since the organisers were going flat-to-flat selling the tickets.

i went to join them for a while and found it quite "boring" ....hehehe, so my parents accompanied her throughout the 2.5 (maybe even 3, i can't really remember) hour program.  kaira was obviously quite shy intiially as u can see from the first picture where she "stucked" to my parents.  but according to my parents, she warmed up qutie a bit after that as the children were given sparklers to play and there was a magic show and kaira even went to interact with the magician ;p  pity i wasn't there to take those photos :)

but she really enjoyed herself that day....even though she reached home ard 930pm (which is quite late for her as she's usually in bed by 830pm) she was still very excited! and the reason for her excitement?  she came home with a "Big" prize!! the #2 prize in the lucky draw!! so blessed!! :))
kaira even went on stage to collect the price from the MP Mr Heng.

my dad manage to capture a picture of her receiving the prize

when she got home, she was very excited to open the prize.......

but haha, the prize was a toaster..... not something that she was particularly excited about ;)

Nevertheless, still thankful for the blessings from the Lord!