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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

way of life

was walking kaira home from school today and saw an "oma" (old lady) probably 60+ cycling. i am always amazed @ how tough the dutch are. young and old, the weather is no barrier. come rain, shine, snow and what nots, u see them cycling. *salute*

what marvels me even more are the young gals who can cycle in this weather (ranging from 0 to -5 degrees) without gloves and hats on.... i have no idea how they manage to do that. i probably look like an "oma" next to them ......all covered up. O wait, some of the omas don't wear gloves too! ;p i must be the "old oma" then. LOLOL.

i must say that i think i have "toughened" up a little as well -- or maybe i have more fats accumulated these days (*_*), i find it still bearable cycling in this weather these days for not-so-long distances (except when the wind is strong. that, i really "buay tahan").

i hope i will do better next winter. :)

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